Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ongoing Prayers

There's nothing to report, I guess, so the Nigerian girls are largely fading out of the news.

The thing is, they are still out there, real girls, needing help.

I do not pretend to know what governments, NGOs and traditional hunters should do. Many people are pressuring the authorities to hurry up and find and rescue those girls. The authorities have reminded people that it will do no good to rescue them if the rescue ends in their deaths.

I do know that there are frightened girls, hurting families, uncertainty.

I also know that God is aware of all that and that He does know what is best.

So I keep praying for Kume. (See more here.) I pray for her protection, for her family and for her classmates. I pray for the authorities and, yes, even for the Boko Haram, that they may release the girls unharmed.

I hope I do not forget as the days drag on and there is little to report.

Please keep praying, too.

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