Sunday, June 15, 2014

Song for Sunday: Father I Adore You

I learned this at camp years ago. Maybe we sang it in Sunday School, too. Often, we signed it as well. The repetition made it easy to learn the signs.

A simple song, for worship. A lovely round.

It was written in 1972 by Terrye Coelho Strom and has become a standard.

So here it is for Fathers' Day Song for Sunday.

This song is, of course, about my heavenly Father.  I would like to also say about my earthly father. He was a hard working man, a retail manager, who was always generous and very funny. He supported my childhood and young adult endeavors in dozens of ways. 

In 1995, my father died of Lou Gherig's Disease or ALS a horrible, progressive motorneuron disease. He maintained a postitive attitude and his sense of humor throughout the course of his illness and even on his deathbed. 

I will always remember him. 

Love you Dad. 

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