Sunday, June 8, 2014

Song for Sunday: Puff the Magic Dragon

Jordan was in a musc and arts fair recently. He played a violin piece, accompanied by Dad. He did great!!

He was also in the Finale, in which the kids sang and dramatized Puff the Magic Dragon. Unfortunately, I missed that.

I loved Puff as a kid. I enjoy it now to, although there is more of a bittersweet quality to it. It reminds me of how quickly my boy is growing up.....high school next year. Yikes!

Anyway for your listening pleasure, a frolick in the Autumn mist with Peter, Paul & Mary.

What songs bring back childhood memories for you?


  1. Loved that song as a kid! The other one I like by them is "Lemon Tree." Ah, the good ole days.

  2. I love Peter, Paul & Mary. I play a great deal of their music (including Puff) when I lead campfire singing. I really enjoy "This land is your land" from my childhood.