Saturday, May 10, 2014

Prayers for Kume Matah

I had never heard the name Kume Matah before this afternoon, although I had been praying for this young woman. She is one of the 276 girls kidmapped from their school by Boko Haram. One of those that is still missing.

This weekend I have been participating in the Annual Gathering of The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts. One of my Baptist sisters runs a ministry involved in helping women who have been trafficked. Trafficking is a very likely fate for these young girls so they have been on her heart.

Many of us have been praying for the return of these girls. Barbara conceived an idea to help us make our prayers stronger and more personal. She placed all of the names of the girls in a basket and asked those willing to pray constantly for the safe return of one specific girl to take a name. Many of us did.

The name I took was Kume Matah. I pray that she will soon be with her family. That she will have peace, hope, and courage. I know nothing about her but her name and the fact of her kidnapping. I do not know her faith, her family configuration or her home village. But I know she needs God's help and I prayer for her through the name of His precious Son, Jesus.

At our closing meeting today, our incoming president prayed for the girls as a group, reminding us that many are sending help, military and otherwise.  As Baptists, we don't have an army or an espionage team, but though we ourselves can't go and join in the search we have a God who is great and who is mighty in battle. He will go.

And so we pray. And will continue to do so until they are returned.

For more information on the kidnappings, read:

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For a list of names so you can pray individually for the girls go here.

For more about All Hands In, Barbara's ministry to trafficking victims go here.


  1. This situation is so heartbreaking, but our God is bigger than all of this.