Thursday, April 17, 2014

Song for Sunday: (Very Late): Hosanna to Our King

I know it's Thursday. I'm extremely late with this. But this weeks Song for Sunday is tied up with nostalgia so I want to write about it regardless.

Hosanna to Our King by Lloyd Larson

Hosanna to Our King: Sung by a church choir

I remember many years ago in our church it was sung as the anthem on Palm Sunday. The Choristers sang the line "Who is this king of glory?" The adult choir responded: "The Lord strong and mighty....." Parts they sang together, parts the congregation joined in. It was glorious.

Our church is smaller now. We don't have any choristers. But this is still a frequent Palm Sunday anthem. This year, one of the choir members played the tambourine, adding excitement to the song. It, too, was glorious.

What is your favorite Palm Sunday song? How has the music in your church changed over the years?

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