Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Craft Time: Floppy Things

This is a great project for gathering up the pieces and not wasting anything. Also, they were the first things that sold at the craft fair I participated in a few weeks ago. A teacher bought them to use as rewards for her class. They are quick and easy. Kids could do this. Also, they are free to make and I sold them for 50 cents each.

Cut your scrap fleece into strips approximately 8' by 1-1/2" long. They don't have to be exactly the same size though they should be reasonably close. You need 19 strips.

Gather up 18 of the strips and hold them so they are even.

Wrap the 19th strip around the middle of the gathered strips. Fold the ends over each other as though starting a knot. 
Pull very tight.

Flip the bundle over. 

Start another knot. 
Pull very tight.

Finish the knot. 

Wash and dry the tied bundle to tighten the knot and curl the ends. 

Now you have tossing toy that is machine washable.


Hope you and your kids enjoy making these and playing with them. You can add an environmental lesson about not throwing away what you can still use -- or just have fun. 

What have you made lately?

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