Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Apple Gravy

This is a savory gravy for meat or potato or savory pancakes. I made the recipe up because I wanted to include a cooked apple in my dinner last night. I'm like that.

Boil a cored apple (I put mine in with the potatos and onions) until soft.

Meanwhile: Combine about 3 cups of chicken broth with about a cup of flour and cook over medium heat, wisking constantly. Add about a teaspoon of raw sugar (or granulated sugar, if you prefer) and about a tablespoon of brown sugar.

Remove the skin from the boiled apple and add the flesh to the chicken broth mixture. Stir constantly until all is well combined.

Sorry for all the approximations. I don't measure much.

My family liked this. It might need something to bring out the flavor a bit more or sharpen it up. Lemon juice maybe?

Let me know if you try it.

What new recipes do you have to share?


  1. Do you mash up the cooked apple or just have cubes? It sounds delicious and I may try it.

    1. It ends up pretty soft from the boiling.