Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting Going Again

I seem to have taken an unintentional break from blogging. For the last three weeks my only posts have been my weekly "Song for Sunday" ones. I am not quite sure how that happened. Too busy, I guess. Other things took priorty.

Actually, I have been too busy. I have been perpetually behind or just in time with things. Not everything gets done and writing has been one of the things pushed of the end. Better that than things that are more important. Busyness has made me rather stressed and at times, irritable, too. I need to pare back. One of the things I haven't had time for is figuring out what to give up. I have a bit of a breather this week, I think, so maybe then.

I have thought of blogs over the past few weeks and  things have been going on in the world, so I'll hit a few highlights.

I sold at my first Craft Fair. Just about broke even and have inventory leftover. Found out what sells. It was a good experience.

Hallowe'en has come and gone. It was one of those times that I wish I could split in two. I would have liked to have taken Jordan around while also greeting neighborhood kids at the door. Oh well. We had the light on when we weren't out trick or treating. Hopefully we didn't seem unfriendly for too long...

A 13 year old boy was shot because his toy guns looked real. My son was 13 when that happened. I get it. The cops were scared. We live in a world in which kids kill. Still, tragic beyond words. This is why we never allowed guns that looked too real at our house. I think it's one of those things where no one was really to blame. Just unimaginably painful.

A teacher was shot by a fourteen year old student. Horrifyingly sad. My son turned 14 yesterday. He seems so young. How does a 14 year old get to the point of planning a murder? Unfathomable.


As I said, my son turned 14 yesterday. We celebrated with family and friends and had a good time. He's growing up. On to new adventures.

So what's been happening with you?


  1. October was a blur. It filled up quickly and went by fast. I have a list of "to write" for my blog. I'll get there.