Friday, November 22, 2013

In Memoriam, 50 years later.

50 years ago today, the U.S. and the world were reeling with the news of JFK's assassination, an event which cut short a productive and stellar life.

Others died that day. It is one of those, the news of whose death was swallowed up by the President's slaying, whom I want to talk about here.

He captured the imaginations of thousands of children, drawing them into a new world at a time when educators and authors believed children didn't need fantasy.

His fictional narratives for adults drew people in as well, demonstrating spiritual truths in compelling series of stories. Some were set on other planets, one was correspondence between demons.

He also explained in books, in essays, and in radio talks the theology of the Christian faith. He was an apologist par excellence who contended for Christ in every area he was found.

He was a teacher. He was once a soldier. He was a Christian who smoked and drank. He married to give a woman his citizenship and eventually fell in love with her. He met with a group of writers, the best Christian writers of his day, every Thursday morning at a bar. They criticized each other's work, argued, talked, inspired each other. It had been one of those Inklings-- JRR Tolkien -- who led him to Christ.

This author, teacher and apologist did much to build the Kingdom of God. His works still speak for him, challenging people to think theologically, to strive for excellence, to love their neighbors. He still calls people to Christ.

And, so, rest in peace

C.S. Lewis
you are not forgotten. Narnia, Perelandra and the rest are still beloved. Your books still teach. You were and, I trust, are a true servant of God.


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    1. Me, too! Some of my favorite kids' books!!

  2. I loved Nania too, read them all to my son :)

    1. I read them to my son also. Some of the bests children's books ever.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post! I had to share.