Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sometimes I get little reminders...

Today I was thinking over breakfast and remembered an accolade that was given to a friend of mine once, a great tribute really.  "Whenever you are talking to him, you always have his full attention."

I didn't think much of remembering that at first.

Then, I started reading my Bible chapters for today. And at the same time making tea, wiping the counter, thinking about a recipe.

Whoa! Suddenly that memory didn't seem so random. Maybe God brought it to mind, so that I would see that I need to give Him my full attention during my devotions. For this morning, I did manage to focus in and finish my reading without doing anything else. I'll endeavor to continue to do that.

Has God ever given you a gentle reminder?


  1. Life is full of little events. Funny how they lead you to thinking about a bigger picture.

  2. Gentle and not so gentle!! This was gentle. . .

  3. I get the not so gentle type, too. I think maybe they come when I ignore the gentle...