Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jordan Off Adventuring

As I write this, the plane my son is on is landing in Orlando, Florida. He's off to DisneyWorld for a week.

Jordan is in the care of my siblings, his aunt and uncle, and accompanied by the twelve year old daughter of my sister's friend. He's in safe hands and he'll have a great time.

But it's always a challenge having him away. He's fairly practiced at it. He goes to camp for a week every year and he stayed with trusted friends for two weeks once while I was out of the country. Still this is another milestone. He has never flown without us and he's never been this far away from both of us. It's bittersweet. The fact that he wasn't nervous about the separation shows that he is growing up ... and toward that time when he will strike out on his own.

This is a practice session, in a way. I think it is good for him. This is one reason I am an advocate of camp for kids. It helps move them toward independence. Small steps lead to bigger steps and when it is time for them to leave the family circle, they are ready. Hopefully, so are we.


  1. I can recall the feeling when my oldest daughter flew 1400km to attend a week's science conference....but it got me ready for the trip she did 6 months later when she flew from Melboure to Sierra Leone to volunteer teach for a month I was so glad that I had the easier way of getting used to her flying...and I know she said several times that she was glad she had that first experience as well

  2. Exactly how I feel. Baby steps are best.