Monday, January 30, 2012

Being prayed for

Somebody prayed for me,had me on their mind,
they took the time and prayed for me.
I'm so glad they prayed,
I'm so glad they prayed,
I'm so glad they prayed for me.

                                                   ~Donnie McClurkin

It's an awesome thing to be prayed for.

Just knowing that someone somewhere is praying can be a big boost (and prayer helps even if you don't know it is happening -- it is after all a conversation with the living God)

 There is something extra, though, about being prayed for by someone who has a real connection to God, when you are present with them.

Last August, a friend prayed for me at CYC and I was moved almost to tears. It was clear that he knew the God he was talking to and also that he cared for me.

Yesterday, I was prayed for twice at two different churches, both times the prayer was spoken by someone  I had just met. Both times it was powerful. Actually, they were  praying for CYC and my ministry there. Again, they seemed to know the One they were talking to.

At the second church service, we sang this song, written by Donnie McClurkin. I had never heard it, but it expressed my feelings perfectly.

Video of "Somebody Prayed for Me"

Have a blessed day!

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