Saturday, April 23, 2011

Waiting for Sunday

Yesterday we commemorated Jesus' crucifixion. Today, Holy Saturday, is a day of quiet reflection and waiting in many Christian traditions. In some, altars are stripped and clean. The idea is that Jesus is not there.

Of course, He is there. Everyone understands this is a commemoration; not a redo of Calvary and the tomb. We know the end of this story. Sunday's coming.

Last August my favorite community, Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park, included a Stations of the Cross program in their two week high school camp. It was a highly interactive event. We moved around campus in groups and participated in powerful symbolic activities. We saw a Roman executioner nail an apple to a cross. It gave us a taste of how violent the original event was. At another point we carried a wooden cross for a few feet each. It was smaller than the one Jesus bore, but it was heavy. How much Jesus suffered for us!

We confessed our sins, too. It was our sin that sent Jesus to the Cross. It was his love for us that kept him there. The nails just held up his body.

We know what happened on that Sunday morning long ago. We know this isn't the end, that the victory is won. It is still good to remember Christ's willing sacrifice and commemorate it in ways that help us to understand the depth of it as much as our humanity will allow.

As you wait for Sunday, may you remember what Christ did for you on the Cross. And may your love for Him be made more strong.

Blessings on your day.

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