Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Blessing

Yesterday, we took a stranger home to dinner.

She had come to our church, choosing it at random, because she wanted to worship and happened to be visiting our town to see the lake. She was in need of prayer, because she had a recent diagnosis of cancer. It turned out she was a Messianic Jew. She was also alone for Easter, so we invited her home.

It's interesting how God prepares you for things. I served as the prayer partner yesterday and was the one to pray with this woman. My family has had recent experience with cancer so I was able to empathize with her diagnosis. I also have been in conversation with a friend who is a Messianic Jew over the last few days and having been learning more about Passover and Judaism. Plus, my husband, son and I were planning a relaxed dinner at home with just the three of us. We definitely had room at the table. And even though it was going to be "just us", I had insisted on cleaning up the house for the holiday so we were "guest ready."

Our new friend was very good company. She helped get the food ready, made interesting conversation and joined us in learning a new game that Jordan had gotten for Easter. What a blessing she was.

We aren't the type of family that takes strangers home. We have had people in unexpectedly for holidays before, but always people we knew. I'm glad we did it this time though and I hope we were as much a blessing to this lady as she was to us.

Have a great day!

"God places the lonely in families...." Psalm 68:6

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