Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ancient Chinese Burial Practices -- Awesome!

Jade. That's what the ancient chinese made burial costumes for royalty out of, because jade was, to them, a symbol of eternal life.

My son was very excited by this. He told me all about it today as he was outlining his current history text. "Mom, you have to read this!!"

I am really glad that Jordan is so excited about history. He's even doing extra work. The pages on burial practices are supplemental. He didn't have to do anything with them, but decided to make an outline of them anyway. He told me he always reads the supplements, even if he doesn't do any work on them. I really enjoy seeing him so interested in something. It's one of my favorite things about homeschooling.

When it seems like his education has been interrupted for the millionth time. I remember things like this. Also, how much he learns just by reading for fun and by interacting with others.I am hoping our school district will see it the same way. I have been writing parts of his progress narrative in my head. I'll let the principal know that he hasn't done as much as he should because of his own illness and family emergencies, but I will also tell them he has had made huge strides in some areas. Here's a note I am thinking of:

"Jordan has not progressed a full year in writing skills during fifth grade. He has learned to outline books and he will be learning to outline his own essays. He participated in a Creative Writing Workshop with other homeschoolers and wrote a short piece. He did some grammar lessons but only completed half of the fifth grade workbook. Over the summer, we will spend some extra time on writing, focusing on a description of Ancient China and his 4H story."

Another paragraph I am considering:

"Public speaking is one area in which Jordan has made tremendous progress. We are memorizing passages of scripture. While this is primarily a spiritual exercise, we have taken the opportunity to work on his elocution skills. He read a Psalm at his grandmother's funeral and did very well. A pastor helped him to do his best with this. Jordan also served as Lay Reader at church on two occasions. He was the only child to do this. He participated in the 4H Visual Presentation program, earning blue ribbons at the town, county, and state levels, and also the Big E Award which will allow him to present to a larger audience at the Eastern States Exposition."

Perhaps things have been a bit lopsided in Jordan's curriculum. I'm not sure public speaking is actually conidered a subject until high school. Arithmetic and writing skills should be big in the late elementary years. But I'm not worried. He'll catch up in those areas.

And he's learned so much! Just ask him about how people were buried in Ancient China. But if you do, be prepared to hang around a while.

Have a great day!

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