Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Faithful Soul

My church has suffered a loss. A woman has died who served us in many capacities.

She joined our faith community when she took on the directorship of a local home for retired women, but she had a varied and interesting career. She served as a nurse at a children's hospital, a missionary at a children's home, and as the Minister of Christian Education at a church in a nearby town before starting at the home here.

After here retirement, she became our volunteer minister of visitation. She has also offered pastoral care when our pastor was on vacation, written a devotional book, and helped organize various mission and service projects. She was a frequent visitor at our house as we faced losses.

She was a valued member of our church family. 

This is of course, a beginning for her. She is in Heaven -- has gone Home. She was ready to do so. We will remember her, mourn her, celebrate her life and then move on keeping a piece of her alive in our hearts. We will look forward to seeing her again.  For the moment we are sad.

We look to God and each other for comfort, and to the sure and certain hope of resurrection for those who know Jesus.

Who are you remembering?

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  1. Thanks, Melinda, for being so eloquent in remembering our friend, Joy. Her impact on my life personally was so very great in her relationship with my mother in her elderly years, and made my life so much easier when I was away -- I always knew she was looking in on her. I will miss her counsel in troubling times. She was a very special lady who will hold a place in my heart for many, many years. She will be missed.

    1. Yes, she will. She was also very good to my family.

  2. I'm glad to know she was ready to go home. This is a beautiful piece in her remembrance.