Monday, February 23, 2015

Song for Sunday: Trailer Hitch

First my friend over at ReInventing Silver Threads wrote a piece on the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge.

Then, I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed:

Then I turned on the car radio, flipped through a few channels and came across this song (starting at the second verse.)


I picked it for today's song for Sunday for Sunday because I think Someone's trying to send me a message. So, here's my plan: for the next 30 weekdays (leaving Saturdays for catch-up and taking Sundays off) I will clean out one box from my attic. My attic should be clear of excess stuff by Easter and my unpacking from moving three years ago will be done! I plan to donate or trash much of it. Glorious freedom.

What's your decluttering plan? Or, if you don't need to declutter, your Lent plan? 

Anyway, hope you enjoy the song and that Lent is helping you grow closer to our Lord.

Have a blessed day!

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