Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Snow Banks Have Snow Banks

There is an awful lot of snow here in the northeastern US.

 The snow banks are over our heads.

Our lawn furniture is buried and our roofs carry so much weight that some have collapsed. (I raked the garage roof after this photo was taken -- but it's full again.

In fact, there is so much that some of us wonder if we'll ever see the ground again ... or at least if we'll see it before June. It feels like it will be a long hard road.. but summer will come sooner than we really expect.
And in the meantime there is beauty.. and sledding. 

Lent can seem like that, too. From this vantage point of the beginning this season of fasting and focusing on spiritual disciplines, of voluntary depriviation and self-evaluation feels like it will be long and dull. It can be a difficult time...and the deepest comes at the end, when we commemmorate Christ's death on the Cross.

But the joyous season of Easter will be here before we really expect it...

and in the meantime there is the beauty of a deepening relationship with Jesus and the wonder of increased maturity.

May your Lent be blessed and productive and may you grow closer to the one who sacrificed for you.

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  1. We got another inch or two overnight last night. It seems like a mere dusting. Even though it feels like a long, cold winter I know that spring will arrive. In fact, the daylight hours are already noticeably longer and despite the deep layers of white there is melting.