Saturday, May 4, 2013

Keep Running, Boston

At the Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park, we often have cause to be proud of our campers and alumni. Their accomplishments are legion. Today I will say a few words about one.

Keith is a graphic designer, who runs his own company, Keirstead Designs. Being from Massachusetts and knowing people at the Boston Marathon, he was deeply affected by the bombing as we all were. He decided to use his gifts to help.

During the manhunt the weekend after the marathon, Keith was locked down. He put his time to good use, crafting this design.


He shared it on Facebook, his friends shared it and it became an important symbol and slogan.
Now, you can purchase this design on a t-shirt to help support a pair of bombing victims.

Keep Running Boston T-Shirt

This article about the design going viral gives more detail about how the design ended up being created, how the t-shirts came to be made and exactly how the proceeds will be used.

I am sure a lot of things went into the development of Keith's character, but I hope that CYC did a little to push him in the direction of making a positive difference. It's what we work and pray for, knowing Jesus calls us to train up young people to do good things for Him.

Well done, Keith! We are all proud of you!!

Have you seen someone make a difference?

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