Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Talking to Pavers

A while back I was responsible for having some paving done at a building. Other people helped me choose and hire the contractor, but I was the one who kept tabs on the progress and checked in with the workers every day. I'd ask how things were going, take them water and keep an eye on things. No big deal.

Apparently, though, at least one person thought I was either brave or foolish. See, the men who worked for this contractor would generally be considered tough-looking and their language was a bit salty.

Still, I never gave a second thought to it. I mean, they were working for me right? Anyway, when they were talking to me they spoke very respectfully, even calling me "ma'am".

Looks can be deceiving. I really don't think I was in danger. But somebody did and says they never would have gone out to talk to them.

Well, then they would have missed the explanation as to why we couldn't drive on the lot for a couple extra days, and a few friendly conversations as well.

How do we get past looks as a way of determining whether to speak to someone or not?

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