Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dance in Peace

"Don't rest in peace, Charlie. Dance in peace... and joy"

In the midst of all the remembrances of my friend who died a few days ago, I found one with the sentence above. It seems fitting.

First of all, Charlie was never one to rest much. Even ill he kept going and going. He loved music and he loved to laugh. There are loads of pictures of him smiling. Dancing seems more like him then resting.

I also wonder if dancing is more what Heaven is about than resting. Certainly, when we believers reach Heaven, we enter into God's rest. Theologically, that means God will have completed us. We willl no longer be being worked on, created. We'll be "finished products." Does it mean that we will be in a perpetual state of rest? In some places there is mention of praising God in Heaven. The Bible talks about praising with singing, tambourines, lutes, lires and, yes, dancing! Sounds pretty active...but I think in Heaven we won't get tired.

It's just a random thought that popped into my head because of a sentence. What do you think? What will Heaven, the final version of Heaven, be like?

Oh .... and, Charlie, you will not be forgotten!!

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