Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Small stores

I have a concern for the environment and I like to shop locally when I can manage it. Until recently, I thought that small local stores gave better advice but were much more expensive than the big box stores.

But I have been shopping for paint and related items. I found that a local hardware store is cheaper than one of those warehouse style home stores. Their paint is cheaper, their rental fee for a wallpaper steamer is cheaper. And their customer service is excellent.

I also found that the local bike shop sells bike racks for less than the big outdoor recreation chain. This is awesome. I get to support local businesses, reduce my carbon footprint and pay less. I'm happy.

I also found that it pays to shop around the locals a bit. That hardware store sells paint for about half the price of the local paint and decorating store. Same paint, too.

Just something I discovered and wanted to pass along.

Have a great day!

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  1. wish it were always true- but I don't mind paying a few pennies more to shop local. It's when I need to shell out 15% more that I have to consider my options... (That's a hint to other small business folk out there :-) )