Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July -- Posts and Prayers

Well, that was quite a hiatus. I wonder if I have any readers left?

I have decided to take the Ultimate Blog Challenge in July, so there will be a post everyday for a month. I hope.

Another thing I will be doing every day for the month of July is praying for my favorite ministry. CYC is once again conducting a Prayer Blast. We know that prayer works and that attempting ministry without it is not a good idea. Therefore, we are asking our campers, staff, alumni and friends to pray for us 10 minutes everyday throughout July. We send prayer requests and ask people what insights they gain from the exercise. We are very grateful for all who participate. If you want in, click here: CYC Prayer Blast (Strangers welcome.)

Tomorrow's post will carry on the theme of prayer.

Have a blessed day!

Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park (CYC) is a two week ecumenical conference for high school students held in August on the beautiful southern coast of Maine. The theme for the 2011 conference is "Face to Face" and will look at restoring relationships between God and individuals, and amongst people. Click here for more information.

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