Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Retiring the 1942

The phone number ending 1942 was in our family ever since we moved to this town. It's easy to remember --all my childhood friends still knew how to call me at Mom's. And it was my mother's number right up until she died. Today, we retired it.

When my husband, son and I moved into my mother's house, we brought our phone number with us. We were moving within town and it was portable. It only made sense to keep it.

Still I feel a bit nostalgic about the old number, silly as that may seem. It's part of the transistion, the moving on and all the change that has happened in the last few months. For some reason, I will have a fond memory of that old phone number.

So, good-bye 1942. You served us well for a long time. (and if you are one of the people who knows it, only use my number now.)

Have a blessed day, everyone. :)

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