Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You learned that where?

This afternoon Jordan started telling me about the Great Depression and asking me for more information. As we talked, I discovered that he knew that dollar bills were worth a lot more then and that the Depression ended because the War started and people got jobs making guns, among other facts. I have never taught Jordan about the Great Depression. We haven't covered that period of history yet. So, I asked him where he had learned about it. "Little Lulu Comic Books," he told me.

Comic books written to amuse teach history? Apparently.

My mind flashed back to a conversation Jordan had with his pediatrician at his last appointment. He told the pediatrician that he likes to read and the pediatrician told him that whenever he was reading he was learning. "There's nothing you can read that you won't derive some benefit from," he said.

Looks like he was right.

Actually, I see Jordan learning all the time. Whether he is reading, interacting with others or playing alone in the backyard, he is discovering something. Sure some types of activities are more efficacious than others when it comes to academics. But rarely is what my son decides to do with his free time completely valueless. (It's a good thing because he has had very little formal schooling in the last few weeks. We'll try to get back into our routine tomorrow.)

I am finding the same thing with my own reading. Currently, I am reading The Mongoliad, a serial internet novel set in Europe in 1241. ( http://mongoliad.com/ ) I have learned a lot about the mongol invasion, Ogedei Khan, the death of Pope Gregory IX and monastic military orders of the period. Sometimes, I have been spurred to do my own research and fill in gaps in my education.

God has given us minds and the ability to develop them. I hope you enjoy finding learning opportunities everywhere.

Have a blessed day.

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