Monday, March 14, 2011


Math geeks and school kids are celebrating Pi day today.

Pi is that mysterious mathematical constant that you get when you divide the circumference of a circle by it's diameter. It probably goes on forever. At least it has been calculated to over a trillion digits and no end is in sight.

It's celebrated today because March 14 (3/14) contains the opening digits of the number. (3.14)

But why celebrate it?

Well, why not?

It's great to have an excuse for a party. Ask any middle- schooler who got out of regular classes to eat pie and play games with circles.

It motivates students to look at math and science in a new way and view them as fun.

Pi reinforces the idea that there is order in the universe.

And it's fun to celebrate things.

I was hoping to have a party for Pi Day with my homeschool group, but circumstances wouldn't allow me to organize it. Next year, I hope to have a potluck pie supper, play games with pi, make crafts with circles and enjoy some circle dancing.

Stuff like this gets us out of our routine and it's an enjoyable way to reinforce learning.

Happy Pi day!

And if you're not a math geek, have a good day anyway. :)

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