Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prime Numbers

47 is a Prime Number.

So is 13. And 11. And 2011

I turned 47 today, the 13th at 11AM in the year 2011.

A few mathematicians consider 1 to be a prime number which would have made me 47 on 1/13/2011 at 11. Five prime numbers. As it is I get four which, I suppose, should be enough for anyone.

Assuming anyone else takes note of such things. I noticed it because Jordan and I are counting up to the 100th day of the year by determining which numbers are prime, which are composite and taking the composite numbers down to their prime factors. When we got to January 4 and I taught Jordan about factor trees, he was so delighted he chortled and made me demonstrate with a bunch of numbers, including 1,000,000.

He's a strange child. Lovable, awesome, kind, sweet...but definitely strange.

Oh, and in case any one is wondering, the prime factorization for 1,000,000 is


Of course none of you need a math lesson and I doubt anyone wants one. Also, the conglomeration on prime numbers around today means absolutely nothing.

So, why bring it up?

I have no idea. I just felt like it. Maybe, I am as strange as my son.

Have a good day.

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