Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

So we took the day off from school.

We chatted about Martin Luther King, Jr and the Civil Rights Movement over breakfast. Then we went sledding.

It doesn't sem like much of a commemoration given the history-making importance of the Civil Rights Movement. The thing is, I didn't hear of any events in my area designed to mark the day. I am sure there were things going on in some places.

Not that I want to give up a day off in the middle of winter. But I wonder if the day would be more celebrated if school was in session? Perhaps there would be assemblies and so on. I don't know.

Or maybe we should have the day off (I like holidays. personally.) but we should actually hold it on Dr. King's birthday rather than on Monday. More people may then remember what it is really about.

In England they have a "Bank Holiday" in May, but noone could ever tell me what it was for when I lived there. I did an internet search and discovered that it used to be in honor of May Day but then was moved slightly to celebrate Victory in Europe (VE) Day. But the general public is unaware of this.

While three day weekends are wonderful things it seems sad to lose the real meaning of a holiday, especially one important to our history and common life.

I wonder what solution would be best.

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