Sunday, May 8, 2016

Song for Sunday: Dancing in the Sky

I was at a wake yesterday. A young friend of mine -- who I actually hadn't seen in a few years -- had passed away. Over time, I have counted his father and aunt as my friends through our participation in the New England Baptist Youth Conference (now CYC) and we've kept in contact some by virtual means.

When "Pieces", as we new him at CYC, was dying he was on my prayer list, although at that point I didn't realize how serious things were. Years before, he had been in one of my classes at CYC and once I had driven him to a camp event and supervised him there. Apparently that made an impression on him. "He loved you," his father told me. I loved him, too, but we'd lost direct contact.

This song was played at his wake, during a brief service. I'd never heard it, but it expressed grief very well. I was taken by the lines: "What do you do in Heaven? Is there music? Is there art and invention?" for Pieces was an artist. His drawings were very lifelike and had great expression. I wish I'd known more about that when he was alive.

Pieces was also a caring and sensitive young man, and very bright. He was an organ donor and because of that six lives were saved and more people will be helped by his tissue. It was characteristic of him to think of others.

Pieces' soul is in God's hands.

I offer this Song for Sunday, written and sung by Canadian twins Dani and Lizzy, to all who are grieving. Here is the link.

What songs express grief for you?


  1. I am so sorry for your loss, Melinda. My heart breaks for you in your grief. I know you are comforted by the many memories you have of this young man. Peace.