Monday, May 9, 2016

Meme-ic Monday: Lawn Pesticides

  I saw this meme and added it to my Facebook page. It speaks to something very important to me: environmental toxins.  (There are some good comments, too, where the image was originally posted. Ignore the disrespectful ones.)

So first off, I have no idea if the "80 million pounds" is correct. Memes don't cite sources and don't have a great reputation for accuracy. 

I do know that a lot of pesticides and artificial fertilizers are dumped on lawns every year. I see people do it. I see the little yellow signs that warn that pets and children should be kept off the grass. Even if it's "only" a million pounds instead of 80 million it's still far too much. 

The true part of this meme is that we are doing it to ourselves. No one forces a homeowner to spray herbicide to get rid of dandelions or add organophosphates to the soil. We make choices that have serious effects on those around us. 

Also, on the bees. The bees are endangered by all this spray. We need the bees and other pollinators to maintain our food supply. A choice between a perfect lawn and a sustainable supply of food? I know which way I'm going. 

I've written about this before in Pesticides, Lawns, and Pride. My thoughts on it haven't changed much.  

What are yours?


On Mondays, I will be posting and responding to memes, one each week. They will be ones that grab my attention, perhaps either resonate with me or annoy me. If you see a meme you would like me to react to, let me know.


  1. The "funny" thing is that Mother Nature has created her own herbicides and pesticides. Those are our options.