Sunday, October 4, 2015

Song for Sunday: 2000 Years

Billy Joel is an athiest. Reportedly, he woke up one morning with this song in his head and tried not to write it. He said to Howard Stern, "Who the hell was I to write this gospel song?"

It includes some biblical imagery and is overall a lament that we haven't improved much since the year 0 -- the time of Christ.

To my mind, this song echos Christ's frustration with the disciples: "He said to them, 'Do you still not understand?'"  

We humans have a tendency to need to be taught the same things over and over. So we still go to war, we endure mass shootings, we forget to love our neighbor. 

Billy Joel is an athiest, but he seems to speak for Christ here. 

Today's "Song for Sunday"  -- 2000 years -- by Billy Joel. Here's the link:

Post #3 for the October 2015 Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. He claims to be an atheist, but it seems that he knows there is a God.

    1. Mmmm.. sometimes he does act like there is one.