Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Creche: 2014 Edition

It's Advent and I have just passed the fourth anniversary of this blog. I am in something of a re-start mode just now as I had an unplanned hiatus for a few months.

The very first blog post I wrote was about our Advent tradition of Jordan setting up the creche on his own. I have written about the tradition two other times as well.

Jordan's Strange Creche
A Broken World ... Seeking Peace
Jordan's Creche for this Year


This year Jordan said he was going for
something bizarre. I told him unusual
 was fine, chaotic was not. This is what he
came up with. Notice you are looking at the
back of the stable.

On either side, animals are grazing or resting.

The full effect is different, but peaceful. I like it. It reminds us that we don't know what that first Christmas really looked like.

A blessed advent to you and yours! May the hope of Christ be realized in your home.

What's your favorite holiday tradition?

Photos (and Creche set-up) by J. Parry

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  1. His vision makes a lot of sense. The family was probably inside the stable. How do you portray where they were? I like it!