Monday, November 29, 2010

Jordan's Strange Creche

On this first day of the Christian year, I am starting a blog. I want to see where this will take me...
            Our tradition for the first day of Advent is to set up our creche, which will serve as the centerpiece of our Advent devotionals. Since our child was old enough to handle the pieces, we have let him set up the scene by himself. The first year, when he was maybe four, he put Mary in the center with all the other people and animals gathered around her. The manger was off in a corner of the stable. We added baby Jesus on Christmas Eve and he presumably napped while his Mama entertained shepherds, angels and cows. We thought this was very funny and took many pictures. Over the years, the boy has settled into much more tradtional depictions of the Nativity. Well, until this year.
           This afternoon, my son decided to set up the most creative manger scene ever. He may have succeeded. In this version, Mary is sunning herself on the roof of the stable with a ball at her feet. A horse is climbing the ladder to the hayloft. A cow is lying on its back. Angels are lying down, one balanced on a wing. And the manger awaiting Jesus is half in and half out of the stable. I can honestly say it is different from any creche I have ever seen.

It does occur to me to wonder what Jesus actually thinks of this.....funny? irreverent? I don't know. What do you think?. For now, I am laughing and our family tradition stands.

Happy New Year, friends!!

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