Monday, June 3, 2013

Taking the Time

Recently I made  a batch of cookies for a friend. Actually, I did it twice. Here's why.

I was making chocolate chip cookies, which are high on my friend's list of tasty items. I made the cookies the day before I was to see him and his family.  The cookies came out so-so.

So-so cookies are edible but I decided I wanted something better for my friend. I did some reflecting on why sometimes my cookies come out fabulous and other times just OK. I realized that it was about time.

The first step to chocolate chip cookies is to cream the butter and sugar.  I had done it in a hurry this time and, therefor was not very thorough. I realized this had been the case other times when I had made so-so cookies.

I re- did the cookies. I took time. I mixed the dough all through chess club, handing it off to a young baker while I taught the strategy lesson. It worked. This batch came out great.

I decided to keep the time needed for various tasks in mind and to look at where I could cut so that I can give the needed time to necessary or especially desirable tasks throughout life. That task in itself will take time. But it will be worth it.

What are your thoughts on taking time for tasks? What lessons have you learned about doing well as you have tried things?

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