Sunday, April 7, 2013

Song for Sunday: I Sing the Almighty Power of God

I seem to be on a hymn kick for "Songs for Sunday. " It'll be something different next week.

Today was Creative Arts Sunday at our church, during which we celebrate the gifts of handwork and artistry that God has given us. We also honor God as Creator.

I also have had a wonderful reminder this weekend of how God creates humans, knitting them together in the womb, so that they arrive as beautiful babies (and all babies are beautiful, though I saw pictures of an extra-beautiful one yesterday.)

So, today, Isaac Watts wonderful hymn about the creative power of God:

 I sing the almighty power of God, 
 that made the mountains rise, 
 that spread the flowing seas abroad, 
 and built the lofty skies.  
 I sing the wisdom that ordained 
 the sun to rule the day; 
 the moon shines full at God's command, 
 and all the stars obey.  

 I sing the goodness of the Lord, 
 who filled the earth with food, 
 who formed the creatures thru the Word, 
 and then pronounced them good.  
 Lord, how thy wonders are displayed, 
 where'er I turn my eye, 
 if I survey the ground I tread, 
 or gaze upon the sky.

 There's not a plant or flower below, 
 but makes thy glories known, 
 and clouds arise, and tempests blow, 
 by order from thy throne; 
 while all that borrows life from thee 
 is ever in thy care; 
 and everywhere that we can be, 
 thou, God, art present there.

How have you seen God's creativity this week?

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