Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Ramblings

Here I am in the midst of a blogging challenge about the environment, with nothing to say about Earth Day.

That was me, earlier today. Then I decided to just start thinking about stuff going on around this little half-observed holiday.

First off, there was Facebook. One of my friends posted some ideas about how to be earth-friendly in our daily lives. Another quoted the poem The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry. Social media does have a part to play in our honoring of special times and seasons.

Then there was the service project. Some members of our homeschool group organized a clean-up at a local park. In addition to picking up trash, the kids got to explore a cave made by someone searching for pirate treasure. We had fun and, hopefully, helped out.

Finally, my brain kicked over to Texas. The explosion of the fertilizer plant there is a tremendous tragedy in an immediate sense, having caused deaths and severe injuries to many. It's also an event that will have a long-lasting negative impact on the environment, affecting people's health and well-being. As we pray for the victims of the tragedy, surely we can ask for healing for the earth and safety for those who live and work in the area in the days to come.

Those are my earth day ramblings. What are yours?

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