Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baby Bib

I came up with a new pattern.

I got the inspiration for it last Fall when I was looking for a pattern to make a baby gift. I didn't find a pattern for a bib, but I did find one for bath puppets made out of wash cloths. The only one that was practical was the duck; the others all had appendages like tails and antennae that looked like they would  poke the baby and probably fall off. I did make a few ducky puppets and give them to friends' babies.

I also came up with my own bib pattern which is actually pretty simple. I tried it with terry cloth and also with flannel but it didn't go so well.

Then I remembered the puppets and figured a bib might work with wash cloths, too. I tried it and --yes!--- it worked.

Here's the pattern, for you crafty types. If you try it, let me know how it goes.

You will need two 12in. by 12 in. wash cloths and matching thread. You may also want something to applique on the front, although if you use a patterned wash cloth, you probably wouldn't need it.

1. Place right sides of the wash cloths together and pin around the edges. Fold in half.

2.  Cut a scoop for the neckline out of top and folded edge. Neckline cut should start about 5 inches down fold. Leave about 2 inches on non-fold side for straps.

3. Unpin the wash cloths.

4. To applique: iron "stitch and tear" pellon onto wrong side of one cloth so that it covers the area you want to applique on to. Take applique item (either store-bought or handmade from cozy flannel) and attach fusible pellon to wrong side. Pin to right side of bib so right side faces out. Use a narrow zig-zag stitch around edge to attach applique to bib. Alternatively, hand sew it on using a blanket stitch. Tear away "stitch and tear" pellon.

5. Pin right sides of bib together. Stitch along neckline, making 5/8 inch seam. Trim seam.

6. Turn out bib so that wrong sides are together. Stitch around entire edge of bib, including the neckline just below the seam.

7. Hand sew half of snap or velcro onto front side of one strap and the other half on to the back side of the second strap. Trim excess thread, etc.

One note: traditional baby colors and designs are great, but don't be afraid to think outside the box. I recently gave a black bib with an applique representing the baby's dad's hobby to a friend. It seemed to be appreciated.

What homemade gifts have you given recently?

*Photos by Jordan Parry


  1. Replies
    1. Nice job with the pattern instructions Melinda! I am saddened to say that my crafting has taken a huge backseat lately to growing my business. I live vicariously through a good friend who is attached to her knitting/crocheting needles and produces the most amazing creations! I often tease her that they are her 6th fingers. :)

      Thanks for the inspiration!

    2. I have just recently gotten back into crafting as my son is getting older. Many of my friends are having babies and I am enjoying making things for them.