Saturday, March 23, 2013

An Easter Bunny made of ....what?!

We have a neighbor who makes awesome snow sculptures. Spiderman, Superman, Santa... he even colors them sometimes. They are a lot of fun to look at and attract a lot of attention. They should. He spends a lot of time on them and they look great!

Currently, he has a very cute display up. Of the Easter bunny.  

Say what. Easter bunnies are supposed to made of grass and flowers when they aren't made of cotton and stuffed with foam.

There simply isn't supposed to be enough snow at Easter to build an Easter Bunny out of it. Not around here, anyway.

But there is. A combination of late storms and an early holiday. It seems weird, out of the ordinary, almost unnatural. Certainly, it's not the norm.

 You know, though, resurrection isn't exactly the norm either. It is definitely out of the ordinary. People don't die, get buried, stay buried for three days and come back to life. It just doesn't happen.

But it did.

Jesus died for our sins -- sacrificing himself so we could be part of God's kingdom, now and forever.  He conquered death and rose again, three days later.

Weird, but true.

Just like Easter Bunnies made of snow.

*Photos by Jordan Parry (who has become quite the entrepreneur. I had been giving him 25 cents per photo. He negotiated to get 50 cents from now on. *sigh* He's growing up. )