Monday, December 3, 2012

Visit with the Aunties

Jordan's aunties from England are here for a visit.

They stayed with us a few days and then headed off into the city for sightseeing and shopping. Since Jordan doesn't get to see them very often, we went in to see them today. We had a walk around and ate lunch with them.

That meant, of course, that we didn't get much schooling done. We had also missed some last week as we visited and celebrated an early Christmas. So, we'll be doubling up over the next few days.

This time with David's sisters was important. Jordan learned a few things, too, about family history, how to handle his excema, how to navigate the transit system. This wasn't wasted time. 

Deciding what to put first each day is about priorities. last week extended family time took precedence. Starting tomorrow, school work and housework are highest on the list for a few days. Next week it might be something else. I am glad that homeschooling gives us this flexibility.

How do you set your priorities?


  1. I set them by the most immediate need. Some days are really different then others but all days should be about worshiping God. For awhile homeschooling took back burner and house organizing was precedent. That is the beauty of homeschooling you can do it at any time of day or even take a break. We tend to do it all year and just take breaks as needed.

    1. I agree about worshipping God. I didn't know that you were a fellow homeschooler! This is exciting!

    2. Hi Melinda- Family is very important to me as well. Nice to hear your family enjoyed this time with your sister? and learning about family history:-) hum..

      I try to make self care a priority each day and then I ask my self what are my goals this month and what is the number one thing I can do today to get me there:-)

    3. Setting goals is something I have to work do that monthly? Maybe I should set an appointment with myself to do that.