Monday, December 24, 2012

Me, Fire and the Christmas Pudding.

My husband is English and one of their customs is for the mother of the family to bring a flaming Christmas pudding to the dinner table for the holiday dessert.

Basically, she pours brandy over the pudding ( a fruitcake-like thing), sets it on fire, and carries it from the kitchen to the dining room.

I have never done this, but I would like to add it to our celebration this year, to give an extra taste of the family's English heritage. Sounds ok, right?

The thing is, I am afraid of fire. I don't even light matches.

Well, over the past few years I have been working on this at CYC. A friend of mine has been helping me to overcome this fear. This past conference,  with his help and encouragement, I put a log on a big fire and helped light another one.

So, maybe I can do this.

My husband wouldn't have a problem with lighting and carrying the pudding, but I want it to be a surprise for him. My son loves fire, so he'd probably do it, but I think that might make me more  nervous than carrying it myself.

So .... deep breath. I am going to try it!

Are you trying anything new this year?

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!


  1. How did it go? Would love to see a video of this:-) My man's mother is English and he's never mentioned this. I'm going to ask about it:-) Here's to making fire!

    1. Well, it didn't work. I poured the brandy and I did manage to hold a match to the pudding but it didn't light.

      I asked my mother-in-law and she said the match has to be put to the pudding almost instantaneously after pouring the brandy or it seeps in. I had about a 30 second delay.

      I am going to try again.

  2. The level of anxiety about fire shows in your composition errors- so unlike you!!!!
    I would like to read a followup post, hopefully a very satisfying and successful description of a flaming pudding and the surprise on your husband's face!!! Lyn

    1. Ok, I think I fixed the composition errors.

      The CYC friend mentioned, by the way, is related to you. He's been great about helping me overcome this fear the past few years. :)

      As for how it went, see above :(

    2. As I expected- er, suspected!! Sorry it didn't work properly, but did your husband know you 'screwed up' your courage and tried? BRAVO!

  3. I have a fear of oven fires. Two Thanksgivings ago my oven caught fire THREE times because of pumpkin pie and I am always checking the oven and making sure it is clean.

    I am going to start my business this year. Exciting for me.

    1. oven fire would panic me.

      Starting a business does sound exciting! Congratulations!