Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ridiculous :)

So at CYC, as I told a parent picking up her child, we can be very serious about our silliness.

So I share a video that is fun and crazy. Even a bit weird.

A bit of background:

Every year for many decades the camps have sung to each other at our annual banquet. The songs are a mix of devotional, romantic and funny. Most of the songs sung are traditional ones, used repeatedly. More on that tomorrow.

About a decade ago, each camp started including a "secret song" in the serenade. Generally an upbeat, current song performed with musical effects and crazy choreography.

This year the Men of Camp Judson used Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Call Me, Maybe?" which is ..well, let's just say wildly popular. They had ridiculous dance moves for it and made it look rather fun. In fact, it was so cool, that one of the faculty decided to make a music video of the song featuring each of the boys lip syncing. She played it at the talent show and the kids loved it.

So, here, Christian men having fun. Just to show you that we don't spend ALL of our time in serious pursuits.

As our men's director frequently reminds us:  "Laughter is prayer."

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