Friday, June 1, 2012

Want Your Kids to Astound You?

I took an informal survey about why teens should go to the Conference I work with.  One of the responses, from an alumnus' dad was:

You will amaze/astound/ baffle/confuse/impress/etc. your parents.

He went on to say:

I will always remember the "deer in the headlights" look of the "little boy" we dropped off at CYC, compared to the confident, competent, joy filled young man who greeted us just one week later at banquet. Each subsequent year brought a new milestone, a new goal, a new acheivement, a new understanding, and a faith and compassion that has remained evident, and constant over the years and the miles.
I know the young man, and he really has made his parents proud. I hope CYC played a part in that. It is what we pray for.

Camp can be a real confidence builder. Our camp is just for teens, so we do encourage goals. We want kids to step outside their comfort zones and stretch their faith. We also try to provide a community they can lean on going forward and to lead them to a deeper relationship with God.

If you are on the fence about sending your kid to camp, I encourage you to go for it. The experience can lead to significant growth. I'd love to think that everyone would go to CYC, but if that isn't appropriate for  your child's age or your location, look into one near you.

Check it out. Make sure it is well run and safe, but do it!  I doubt you'll regret it.

Have a blessed day!

CYC (Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park) is a two week leadership development program for high school students. It meets August 5-19 on the beautiful southern coast of Maine and is open to all teens ages 14 and up who have completed at least eighth grade.

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