Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paper from ...Poop

You can make paper from elephant dung.

That's just a random thing I learned yesterday. It's pretty good paper, too. I have a piece of it.

Apparently, it's good all around. Instead of killing elephants, former poachers are earning a decent living making paper. Instead of getting shot for their tusks, elephants are being fed and protected. Trees are being saved. Read more about here: Elephant Dung Paper. Pretty amazing, really. did anyone think of this. I mean really, paper from manure? Who thinks this way?

Well, somebody did and something ordinary... something disgusting in fact.... became something useful. Even beautiful.

I see the marks of  God's intervention here. After all, he can direct thought, or maybe it's just that He wired the right person's brain the right way.

When have you seen Him at work?

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