Saturday, March 10, 2012

Long time, no post...

It has been  a while since I added a post to this blog.

I've been busy I suppose, but there is nothing new about that.

Lacking in motivation and inspiration, perhaps. I suppose I need to learn to work through "writer's block." Or just to be more disciplined in my approach to the blog. I'm kind of on again, of again when it comes to that.

Well, I had a really fun evening. Running an event for my favorite community -- CYC -- I worked with people who were diverse in style. And the participants were diverse in age, race, ethnicity and theological perspective. Which goes along with my previous post -- two weeks ago. It was heartening to sense the excitement in the room as we met, ate, played, learned and celebrated our common connection to Christ.

 We had a great time, the event seemed to be a real success. I hope I get to be part of more of them.

But, in that last post, I said that I would soon write about purity in the church -- something sometimes viewed as the opposite of diversity. And I will, soon. Not this evening though.


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