Monday, November 28, 2011

A Random Thing I Learned Today

Today I found out that it is easier to open bananas from the bottom instead of the top. A funny thing to learn on a homeschool nature hike, but where would you learn something like that in the normal course of events?

It happened because we found a banana peel on the ground and one of the Dads picked it up to put in the trash. “Ah. There must be a monkey around.”  (“Why?” ask assorted children.) “Because this banana is open from the bottom. Or maybe it’s just someone who has learned to open bananas properly. I saw a documentary once that showed that this is how monkeys open bananas. But I also have a friend who told me that it is easier to open bananas from the bottom. I tried it and found he was right. It’s easier to do and the banana doesn’t squish so much.”

It just so happened that Jordan and I had bananas for our snack. So I tried opening mine from the bottom. It was easier. And cleaner. Wow.

Well, you learn something new every day, right? What’s your something for today?

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