Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Joys of a Good Story

Jordan and I are reading Watership Down by Richard Adams together. Jordan begs for more of it constantly.

The protagonists of this story face a series of evils and overcome them. They are quick and clever and manage to defeat their enemies time after time. This is basically a good vs. evil story, and good wins, as is only right. We just completed a portion of the story that describes a daring rescue. Jordan kept shouting "Yes!" and "Alright!" as I read aloud. This is an exciting, well-written book.

Oh, and have I mentioned it is about rabbits? Yes, rabbits.

These critters think, talk, plan and dream but physically they act as rabbits would normally and they live as rabbits do --except for story telling and talking. Mr. Adams used a naturalist to guide him. The book is conversational in tone, certainly what Charlotte Mason would call a living book. Definitely a classic.

There are dark parts to this story, and humorous bits as well. There are parallels with real life. Some lessons could be drawn from the adventures of the characters. There are even some political commentaries inherent in the book, if you care to look for them.

But mostly, this is just a good story. The kind kids love. (I wonder if it ever could have been written today. Rabbits might be considered to childish or something. Kinda sad really.)

What books excite your children?

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