Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Peace Day

A friend of mine invited me to a facebook event called "A Day of Peace". It is meant to be worldwide. Here is a quote from the page:

"Just one day in the year where we all held our tongues. A day where we ignored others' shortcomings and made a valiant effort to be kind and understanding. A day where we all got along."

Sounds great and I accepted the invitation. Not that I think it will work all that well, but still, it's a good thought.

It reminds me of The Four Absolutes that Rev. Bob Baggs used to urge on us up in OP. Absolute love, absolute honesty, absolute unselfishness and absolute purity. At one point, he would tell us, there was a leader (I forget the name) who would get the whole conference to give it a try for 24 hours. He said it would be like heaven for the day. People would fail of course, but then they would begin anew, all reinforcing each others' attempts. After I learned about that old tradition, I had my cabins try. I think I had a camper who made it to 40 minutes once. That's how it is, isn't it? When we go for perfect behavior we fail. That's why we need grace. From each other and, more importantly from Jesus who thankfully is more thatn willing to offer it.

Oh -- when I was in Nagaland I met a woman who worked for a worldwide youth oganization that bases its work on the Four Absolutes and I have just learned that they were the early cornerstones or "yardsticks" of AA and are still used in recovery programs. That's just a side note, because I can be random like that.

Another friend of mine recently quoted to me the the verse "See that no one repays anyone evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and to everyone." (1 Thessalonians 5:15). The theme of not repaying evil for evil has been brought to my mind repeatedly, especially in my Bible reading over the last couple of days. Based on the description, I think that this is what it at the heart of the "day of peace", even if a biblical basis isn't being claimed for it.

Anyway, as I said, I do not think this will have amazing results. Human effort is not enough to bring about peace in either our individual or corporate lives. We need to rely on God to work through us for that, and I am not sure any of us are perfect enough at that either. I know I am not. Still these exercises are useful. They help us to see what needs to be done and how to work toward it. They help to fit us for Heaven, which is where peace will finally reign.

So maybe you'll join me for this day of peace. (It's March 4th. Here's the link And we can include some prayers that the Kingdom of Heaven will prevail. Soon.


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