Sunday, February 27, 2011

Growing up...

It's been amazing this week working with the kids and seeing how much they have matured and learned. They are all so different from one another, and yet the growth in them is amazing.

I am talking about my son and my godchildren. They all call themselves best friends and the two boys often act like brothers, complete with extended periods of bickering followed by highly imaginative cooperative play schemes. The girl can behave like a little Mom. It's very sweet.

We have been working this week on creative writing. They did well on their pieces, but it was the other stuff that made me take notice. They worked as a response group for each other and had great thoughts that they presented in supportive ways. At points, I asked them to organize themselves for activities, and they managed it, each assuming leadership at different times. Oh, there was a bit of subbornness on one part or another now and then, but they almost always sorted it out themselves. Not mmuch adult intervention was needed.

They are growing up. It was so good -- if a little bittersweet, in a way -- to see.

I thank God for these beautiful children and their gifts.

Have a good day.

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