Friday, September 1, 2017


As far as calendars go, I am most attuned to the academic one. I suppose because I was a student for 17 years and then a teacher for more than 18.  So September always feels like a time of beginnings to me.

Perhaps even more so because my family of origin had it's beginning then. My parents were married on September 1, 1962. Today would have been their 55th wedding anniversary. Sadly, they both died young. My father of ALS in 1995, my mother of a virulent form of cancer in 2011. They were a blessing and I miss them. And I am grateful to them as will. So there is no celebration today. Just a quiet acknowledgement.

Still beginnings resonate.

So today feels like a good day for a beginning.

I am beginning anew with this blog.

I will be posting about youth ministry, escape rooms, family stuff. The sort of thing I posted about before. Just trying to restart.

Hope you'll come along with me!

Have a blessed day!

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