Monday, December 5, 2016

Meme-ic Monday: Water Protectors and the DAPL.

I came across this meme, which is the wording of two tweets by a Sioux Tribal Leader. 

I am in sympathy with the Sioux and oppose the positioning of the pipeline where it threatens their water supply. My son wants to go the camp and protest with the Water Protectors. 

I rejoice that the latest court ruling halts the pipeline's construction and signals a new level of respect for indigenous communities. 

I also recognize this fight isn't over. New threats may pop up, especially since the DAPL is mostly finished.

However, I also have done some reading. The pipeline was rerouted away from Bismarck because the Army Corps of Engineers for several reasons, one of which was potential danger to Bismark's drinking water before those residents needed to protest -- or even heard about it in most cases. 

So this meme has it's heart in the right place, but is a bit off as to facts. 

Regardless, the camp was made by the government into a more or less militarized zone. Officials acted horribly, spraying water on the protestors, etc.

So hopefully all this will be sorted out, people will keep standing with Standing Rock and a safer way to transport fuel will be found. 

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